Abel Manalo is a San Francisco based artist who pursued his creative artistic passion by taking art classes at a local college.

In his creative process, he paints two original pieces then weaves them together into an entirely different work of art. He pushes the limits of his work, feeling the dynamic relationship in style and technique which he believes sets him apart in the contemporary art movement.


Visual elements of painting such as line, shape, tone, color, pattern, texture and form are highlighted through weaving, thus creating variety of moods or atmosphere in the final image. Hand cutting and hand weaving strips of his paintings exemplify his commitment in concentration and meditation on each art piece. The weave patterns and physical manipulation of merging paintings create physical texture that conveys the energy that he puts in his artwork.  Often times, he has a preconceived image within his conceptual framework however, there is always an element of uniqueness in his woven artwork when completed.


He maintains an art studio since 1998 at the Hunters Point Shipyard, the largest artist colony in the United States. He has exhibited in several local galleries and currently in 'The de Young Open' at The de Young Museum from October 10, 2020 through January 3, 2021.


'Poker Face'

Watercolor on Arches Paper, Handwoven

Mounted on Vinyl Record, Framed

Diameter 12"


Private Collection

All Rights Reserved

Copyright on all Artworks

Artworks can not be reproduced without Artist's Permission

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